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Meet the Magic Behind Keys Creative Studio

Welcome and thank you for following Keys Creative Studio. When I first learned about art, I thought it consisted of drawing and creating on canvas. I am glad I was wrong because creative design combined with content creation and marketing is what I love. I often found myself sneaking away to create.
At times it would be designing a logo, flyer, or business card for a friend or loved one to help them carry out their dream. If I were not at a computer designing, you could find me planning an event or designing floral arrangements for an event or special occasion. All these things were a part of my creative spirit.
For over 25 years, I have been creating and supporting businesses, non-profits, and, more recently, my church with graphic design, creative content development, marketing, event planning, organizational development, training, etc. This was the highlight for me, and then life happened as it does. First, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. From there, I was challenged with learning how to start a new journey, process of self-discovery, and charting a new vision for paving my success. It was one of the most challenging battles ever, but it showed me to dream bigger and never give up on myself or my vision to create a business that helps others transform their vision into a brand.  Building community is also a big part of that vision for me, and it is my hope that I can achieve this by helping you start or grow your business.
If you are on my page, I encourage you to dream, believe in your vision, and start your journey with me and Keys Creative Studio. Together, I will work collaboratively with you to take your idea and translate it into your brand and business success.
Lakita Spencer

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